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IDC Music Fest: Acoustic music at its best in Herriman, August 14, 2014

Music Festival in Herriman


Thursday night's IDC Music Fest was well attended and the music was first rate. The attendees were invited to bring their own food for the barbecue in the hosts' spacious back yard in Herriman, Utah,where they have an outdoor stage set up for these performances.

IDC Music Fest - 1 Elijah Vincent
Martin Willcocks
Skylar Geer, Elijah Vincent, with Garry Hancock at IDC Music Fest
Martin Wllcocks

The first artist, Elijah Vincent, had an appealing range of songs, which were greatly appreciated by the audience. His set was quite lengthy, almost a full hour, and he was followed by the remarkable Skylar Geer, whose talents we also heard at this event last year. The final performer was Garret Williams.

Skylar has a large ring binder full of his own songs, of which he performed a good dozen before Elijah joined him on stage for a duet. I was not able to get a set list for this artist or the others. You can get some idea by checking them out on SoundCloud, YouTube, and other music sites where they are posting their songs. Skylar currently has plenty on his YouTube channel, including covers and original work. Garret's YouTube channel also includes several of his songs.

At this point in the concert, an approaching thunderstorm looked as if it was going to spoil the festival, and for a while the stage had to be cleared, delaying the final acts for a significant period as it rained heavily for some ten minutes. Because of other commitments, this reviewer was unable to stay for the final performances by Garret Williams, and more by Elijah Vincent and Skylar Geer, and the rest of the crew, which lasted till well after dark. As in past performances, portable stage lighting was brought out to keep the stage well lit.

The hosts, Garry Hancock and Jannah Field Hancock, are worthy of mention for their annual showcase featuring IDC Records artists, many of whom are successful and well known to Utah audiences. Last year's concert included one of the same artists, but because of the rain fewer artists were involved this year.

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