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Icebug Daphne BUGrip women’s winter boots: Functional and fashionable

Icebug Daphne BUGrip women's winter boots

Icebug Daphne BUGrip women's boots


If you want a boot that keeps your feet and lower leg warm and has some solid traction even on icy surfaces, the Icebug Daphne BUGrip winter boots meet all that criteria. It also doesn’t hurt that the Daphne is fashionable and lightweight.

The Daphne has an essential winter function of insulation and a lace-up fit. Your feet have a warm micro-climate created with the fleece lining and height of the boot. A long zip on the inside of the boot allows for easy entrance with an elastic gusset that accommodates most legs and keeps them comfortable. The Daphne is made of polyester canvas along with Nubuck leather and fleece. There is a molded EVA removable insock and EVA with nylon shank. The BUGrip outsole with 16 carbide studs is what keeps you stable on slippery terrain.

After seeing a demonstration on how the carbide studs work on the ice while wearing Icebug shoes and boots, I was pretty psyched to give the Daphne boots a good test. Although you do give your core somewhat of a workout when you’re concentrating hard on trying not to slip on the ice, it is nice to be able to walk on slippery surfaces without the worry of falling and possibly injuring yourself.

Getting the boots on and off was very easy. Once you adjusted the laces to your particular fit, you could simply slip them on and zip them up. Before donning mountaineering boots and crampons for ice climbing, I had to hike on varied terrain which consisted of snow, dirt, ice, and sludge all in the same path. The Daphne boots handled each surface with excellent stability. I was definitely most impressed with how amazing the grip was on the slippery areas. Habitually I started out walking over the icy areas with caution, but when I felt the grip from the carbide studs grab onto the surface as if there was no ice whatsoever, let’s just say my confidence was a little higher while walking in those particular areas.

The Icebug Daphne not only looked good, but they felt good. My feet stayed nice and cozy and walking in them was heaven after a full day skiing on the slopes or after walking in mountaineering boots and ice climbing for a few days. And considering how both ski boots and mountaineering boots can weigh your feet down as the day progresses, the Daphne was nice and featherweight. Think stylishly durable with some rugged “oomph”.

The Icebug Daphne boots definitely didn’t disappoint. You have both fashion and function in these boots while walking much more gracefully over ice and the more dicey areas in the winter time. They’re highly recommended especially if you constantly worry about slipping and falling on the ice during the winter season. And the fact that they’re comfortable just adds more of an incentive to these already fantastic boots.

Icebug Daphne boots are available at,, and

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