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I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE - is back at the Garner Galleria Theatre

A fun night you don't want to miss
A fun night you don't want to miss
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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change


I know you’re asking yourself as you read this, did I see this play several years ago? Let me help, you probably did. The first time around at the Garner Galleria Theatre was June 2000, and it made history as Denver’s longest running musical.

Last week it opened as a new production spiffed up with new dialogue, peppered with timely quips and riddles about dating, married with children, birth control, boring first dates, parent’s expectations, and the 15-minute quick date which was set inside a prison. This was pure comedic genius moving the audience to out right, uncontrollable belly laughter. The colorful in-resident guest speaker was a handcuffed prisoner in orange who had become so discouraged with dating he committed a crime of passion. His rantings over picky dates and vacuous romance scared the living daylights out of the participants who got engaged on the spot. Daniel Langhoff has created a memorable comic scene that won’t be soon forgotten. In all fairness, each of the actors were perfect, we don’t want you to change.

Daniel Langhoff and Robert Michael Sanders play seasoned pros to the equally talented female counterparts Lauren Shealy and Shannan Steele. Side note - Steele was in the original cast for ILYYPNC in early 2000, she has returned to a lively revived and updated script with her standout performance.

What you get this time around at ILYYPNC is a play that is rip-roaringly hilarious. The dialogue is crisp, intelligent and relevant. The actors are superb playing 20 different characters struggling with the opposite sex. Each varied scene brings familiar light to situations every one has experienced or thought. The new version has been written with a fresh take on the age old dilemmas that revolve around relationships since Adam & Eve. The engaging ensemble of actors brought with them a special knack and dexterity for forming heartfelt, silly, self-conscious, ridiculous, and absurd scenes - exactly the way the love circle begins and ends. Due to their unerring enthusiasm and professionalism, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is better than ever.

Denver Center Attractions, The Broadway show division of The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Garner Galleria Theatre presents I love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, through June 24, 2012. Special arrangement with R&H Theatricals.

Tickets on sale at or call 303-893-4100.