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I Love the Night has some serious blues magic by Irv Lyons Jr.

I Love the Night by Irv Lyons Jr.


Blues and rock music, forever married in ways that maybe the new generation doesn’t quite see or hear at first but without blues there would be no rock, at least not as we have known it for the last 6-7 decades.

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When I think ‘Blues’ I think early Stones, Cream, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble, early Animals, Blues Traveler, Robin Trower, ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers Band, The Yardbirds, and a lot of Led Zeppelin. Now, admittedly this is a list that is missing a lot of names but it’s a hell of a start, so let’s not quibble of that shall we? So, why the name drops and why all the blues references? Simple enough, a new CD done by local talent Irv Lyons Jr. titled “I Love the Night.”


I Love the Night by Irv Lyons Jr.


  • Wanna Be With You
  • Love is Like a Machine
  • Slide
  • Why Can’t We Live Together
  • Rude
  • If You Love Me
  • Stronghold
  • Bedroom Eyes
  • Be My Baby
  • I Love the Night

Recorded at Moletrax Studios and mastered by Jeff ‘The Mole’ Moleski. Represented by Kimberly Rossi and Indigo Productions

The ears stood up immediately as ‘Wanna Be With You’, the CDs 1st track takes off. Wonderfully done, great pace, and Lyons has the perfect voice for the music I am hearing. Excellent!

Lyons gets some help from some talented friends on this:

Drums/backing vocals – James Bianchi

Bass/backing vocals - Mike Casale

Bass/drums - Jeff Moleski

Irv plays guitar, sings, plays bass and the keys on this all the way around fantastic offering of music. His friends above appear on various tracks throughout and you would think from listening that they have been at this for years together.

One very bright highlight is the powerful and beautiful vocal duo work of Lisa Nojaim on “If You Love Me” and “Stronghold,” both songs stood out immediately as they really do compliment each other, especially “Stronghold.”

Don’t think that there aren’t some tricks and treats on this CD just because I say “rock and blues” as “Be My Baby” has some nice effects added in that really work the song to a unique sound and vibe, excellent work by Moleski and Lyons on that one to challenge what you have come to expect sonically thus far.

The title track has some more goodies in the sound bringing that old mic feel to it and plenty of vocal tracks to make it sound like a gang is backing Lyons up on this song.

Ultimately, I hope that this got in for SAMMY considerationt. Irv Lyons Jr. put out one excellent solo album here and he thanks his band The Ripcords for giving him the tools to do so. Hey, Irv, now you can open for your band!

One other thing, I saw someone write about this and here is my response directly, it’s supposed to be simple, that is what makes it work! Now, off you go and get a better grip, the rest of you? Go get this one ASAP!

Rating: 9/10

Must have!


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