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I am “Second,” real stories, changing lives, by Dave Sterrett and Doug Bender

Thomas Nelson Publishers
by Dave Sterrett and Doug Bender

...stories recount why God is a God of hope and change if we surrender to him—if we become “second” and put God first...


Richard Dover radio show, Seattle:

I am “Second,” real stories, changing lives, by Dave Sterrett and Doug Bender, Thomas Nelson, 2012, 240 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1400203734, $19.99

I Am Second, a collection of twenty stories about radical change from the www.Iamsecondwebsite, adds context to stories now in book form, previously only seen as video-clip testimonials. Discover stories of individuals, some famous, some not so famous and their life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ.

Encounters that prompted people to understand why God should come first, how the experience changed them and what happened when they realized God had a plan and a purpose just for them. Many narratives are from prominent personalities, such as lead guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch, from rock band Korn, famous Texas Rangers baseball player, Josh Hamilton or MMA fighter, Vitor Belfort, and some are from people just like you and I.

Everyone’s story is different yet each shares common struggles, whether through a battle with addiction, divorce, physical pain or heartache. Their message of hope rings true—God is real and he delights in restoring people who were once flawed, unrepentant sinners.

Accounts cover the gamut of human experience and deal with some very dark moments of depression, abortion, cancer, pornography, jealousy and more. Many include bad choices that were made, sometimes more than once, but they are stories of faith and hope.

Others tell of accidents, like Bethany Hamilton’s account. This thirteen-year-old girl lost her arm to an unexpected shark attack. In spite of that she bravely returned to surfing and inspired the movie, “Soul Surfer.” Her courage and faith are inspirational, her story of tragedy turned to triumph unforgettable.

Every account highlights the futility of putting faith in the things of this world because the world always disappoints. Instead, stories recount why God is a God of hope and change if we surrender to him—if we become “second” and put God first. When that happens new meaning and purpose are found in lives turned over to Christ.

These inspiring, faith-building narratives each focus on a point of time where people recognized God is real. His word is true and he has a plan and purpose that can only happen if he is first. Many years ago that point was called surrender. If you aren’t a “second,” consider reading the book and experience what it’s like to put Christ first in all things.

Back Cover Copy:

Doug Bender is an I Am Second writer and small groups coach. He spends his time developing many of the small group tools found at www.iamsecond.comand coaching churches, organizations, and individuals to use I Am Second groups to share the message of Jesus with their friends and family. He also works with I Am Second’s parent organization, e3 Partners, as a church planter in countries like Ethiopia and Indonesia. Doug is married to Catherine and has a one-year-old baby, Bethany.

Dave Sterrett is a speaker, missionary, and ambassador for I Am Second. Dave also serves as an adjunct professor of New Testament, Philosophy, and Apologetics at Liberty University. He is the author or coauthor of several books, including Why Trust Jesus? “O” God and the three-part novella series coauthored with Josh McDowell, The Coffeehouse Chronicles.

Twitter: @GailWelborn

FaceBook: Gail Welborn



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