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"I Am Michael Watcher" -Kickstarter!

I Am Michael Watcher #1
Brian Hawkins, Charlie S. Alway

I Am Michael Watcher #1 & 2


While roving around Twitter, you can always find something to pique your interest. One of those things should definitely be projects on Why you ask? Well, to put it simply, it's a great place to find little diamonds in the rough. Case in point- "I Am Michael Watcher", a digital comic book that brings a murder/mystery story to a private high school campus! Writer Brian Hawkins, and artist Charlie Sansalone Alway, show us how normal everyday teens get caught up in the web of a serial killer, but is the killer one of them?

The firs two issues of this story are basically your set-up, but they did have enough drama to keep the story moving along nicely. If you're a fan of web/digital comics, this will be something you'll want to check out. For the traditional comic book reader, you may find the artwork slightly disengaging, due to the very vibrant color palette. This isn't something that should sway anyone from giving this one some dough, just this reviewers experience with the difference between the two mediums.

The creators have a solid trailer and also the pledge levels and finish dates clearly present on the right side of the page, along with sample pages to view below. Believe it or not, these simple things aren't present for some Kickstarter projects, and I'm sure that it hurts them tremendously. Give this one a look if the serial killer/mystery type book is your thing! Donate if you want to see it happen, because they only have a limited time left for pledges (April 19th)!

Remember, not everyone works for a big publisher, most start out small, and have to build a following! One last point. This book is a mature read for sure. It's a typical high school environment, full of colorful language, innuendo, and a drug reference. Be advised.