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Hurry and Catch Firefly on Netflix until April 1rst...

The cast of FIREFLY
The cast of FIREFLY

Firefly Complete Series


My friend tried to get me into it. Heck, a lot of people did. And I loved the cast. I loved the movie that came after it by Universal. But I didn’t like the show. The episode I saw, was the ‘first’ episode. The Train Job, or whatever it was. What I didn’t see was the original Pilot. For those who know what I’m talking about, you know what a crime that is to a serial television show and to air it out of order or to just not air it at all. In Firefly’s case, this was very much true.

With Netflix saying the series is only available until April 1rst, 2011 for streaming, you bet sure as hell I was going to watch the show before it became unavailable again.

And so I watched it.

As always Joss Whedon and his crew of writers and actors create such an amazing show. It makes me sad that the show didn’t live on further in television seasons or (more) films.

I honestly can’t say much about the show, the closest thing I can say that could be taken negatively, which isn’t meant that way, is that the show literally feels like Joss Whedon created character sheets, and gave each writer a sheet and said, ‘let’s do a table-top RPG and whatever happens here, we’ll make into an episode of television’. For me, I love that stuff, so the show was a breath of fresh air. For those who don’t dig RPG’s, I think there is plenty to like here, just make sure that you then see the film SERENITY exactly after that, so you know how the story ends.

Before I end this article, if you want the hardsell, I’ll give it a go.

CASTLE’S Nathan Fillion plays Captain Mal Reynolds, who leads those on the vessel Serenity. Those along for the ride are First mate Zoe (Gina Torres), her husband and the pilot of the firefly-class-brand starship, Wash (Alan Tudyk). We also have ‘companion’ Inara, (V’s Morena Baccarin), and merc-for-permanent-hire Jayne (Adam Baldwin) and the adorable but blunt ship mechanic Jaylee (Jewel Staite).

The Captain and Zoe are veterans of the Unification War, having fought on the losing side. It’s a dangerous time in the galaxy. The big-bad in this case is a large government, sort of like ‘The Federation’ in Star Trek, but in a what-if universe, whereas this federation is called “The Alliance”, and has a bit of the bite from the Star Wars’ Empire. Not only is the Alliance a constant threat for smuggling, which is what Mal and his crew of the firefly-class ship Serenity mostly handle, there is a constant threat of other low-lifes, deadly passengers, and something else called ‘Reavers’, a group of humans that rumored to travel so far gone into the ‘outer reaches of space’ that they became ‘in-human’. (Mal says if you’re lucky, they will rape you, kill you, skin you, and eat you in that order.) And then there are the new shipmates that the crew picks up, Shepard Book (Ron Glass), a preacher, and two college-aged kids, Simon and River, with a dark past, and possibly the Alliance after them.

A great show, worth it definitely on DVD and you can view all 14-episodes now if you have NETFLIX Streaming until April 1rst, 2011.

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