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Human Trainer: Viable Alternative to the TRX

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Human Trainer Suspension System


Some time ago I was given the TRX suspension system for review and I truly fell in love the system. Suspension training provides exercise enthusiast with a convienent and portable way to train the body synergistically. My main concern about the TRX was the cost. I had a hard time swallowing the $189 price tag placed on this fairly simply designed piece of equipment.

Enter the Human Trainer. Again, I was approached to submit a product review. I was hesitant ( I’m generally a pretty loyal consumer) but the somewhat lower price of $149 got my attention.

While the packaging of the Human trainer is not quite as slick as the TRX, the equipment is solid. It offers a dual anchoring system which makes exercises like tricep dips possible. It also addresses other slight design frustrations I had with the TRX namely the straps. With the TRX you must adjust the straps between exercises. The Human trainer comes with two sets of straps that can be clipped onto rings. This allows the user to move easier between sets making a for a smoother transition while performing supersets and circuit routines. The foot cradles are also a welcome addition. I find it a little difficult to perform certain leg exercises using the handles as required by the TRX.

While I appreciated the small duffle bag included with the Human Trainer, I found the metal container that also came with it unnecessary. I would also like to add the Human Trainer cannot compare to the TRX in terms of marketing. With fitness equipment, this is very important. A simple google search will give you tons of support with the TRX including exercises, local classes, and videos. The TRX does a better job of providing a wide range of exercises for use.

TRX or Human Trainer? I would probably choose the Human Trainer simply because I have used both with my clients and they found the Human Trainer easier to use. Oh, and I can put the extra $40 towards a new pair of running shoes.