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HUM Nutrition delivers beauty supplements straight to your door

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Founded by Walter Faulstroh and Christopher Coleridge, HUM’s line of targeted vitamins aim at solving beauty and lifestyle concerns. The cutting-edge formulations were developed by a team of leading scientists and are designed so that each can be combined based on individual needs. HUM is an innovative vitamin line that is revolutionizing the supplement industry by creating products specifically for beauty and lifestyle. HUM’s products are gluten free, non-GMO, all natural and best of all, is available at select Sephora stores and

With names like “Red Carpet”, “Killer Nails” and “Here Comes the Sun”, HUM takes the uncertainty and guessing out of the vitamin game and provides products that are straightforward and fun. For instance…

Red Carpet: Gives you glowing skin and fuller, shinier hair – think of it as your own personal Instagram filter
Killer Nails: It’s like a protein shake for your nails and hair providing maximum strength
Here Comes the Sun: Boosts D3 levels providing all the benefits of sunshine without the aging or UV rays

The bottling is very feminine and fashionable, and the product do just as they say! The first step to beautiful skin, hair, and nails is being well nurtured, and these supplements help you get the supplemental nutrition you need.

Hum’s mission is simple: to become the best nutrition business in the world. They achieve this by connecting you with your free personal nutritionist, who will review your information and create a free personal profile. Depending on your needs, their nutritionists also suggest micro nutrients that help you support your health goals. All this happens online and to make your life easier, they ship personalized vitamins, minerals and botanicals right to your doorstep.