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Hulu Plus movie review: 'Vamp U'

Sorority Girls Suck
Courtesy of Level 33 Studios

Vamp U


In a world full of sparkly vampires, it is nice when a vampire movie takes a different look at the vampire mythos. Irreverence and campy comedy are always a solid basis for college comedies. So, if “Animal House”, the classic college comedy, and the “Twilight Saga”, the current “standard” for vampire movies, had a very ugly baby, they would name it “Vamp U”.

What started out as a Kickstarter project became “Vamp U”, a corny vampire romantic comedy directed by Matt Jespersen and Maclain Nelson and produced at Level 33 Studios. Released in March of 2013, this movie can be found in the Horror/Thriller section on Hulu Plus. Starring Adam Johnson (“Frozen” 2010), Julie Gonzalo (“Christmas with the Kranks”), and Gary Cole (“Office Space”), this movie tells the story of Wayne Gretsky, a vampire that has lived for hundreds of years. 300 years ago he accidentally killed his true love and since then has had a case of “vampire impotence” where his fangs will not pop out when he wants to feed.

In the present day, Gretsky is a history professor that the students all call Mister G. He teaches history from a very personal perspective, since he lived through a lot of it. Enter the lady of the movie, Kris Kellar, who bears a striking resemblance to Mister G’s true love. Needless to say, this is the fix that he needs to get back to his old vampire ways again.

There are several scenes that are very funny. There are several references to the “Twilight” stories and several scenes with Gary Cole playing the psychiatrist to the troubled vampire of Adam Johnson, where each of the “Twilight Saga” books makes an appearance on his desk. Cole plays Arthur Levine, the psych professor.

Some weaknesses of the film come out in the acting. Most of the cast do a great job, but there are a couple of very slow scenes and some jokes from Johnson’s vampire that are a little forced. There are some comic saves, some good pratfalls, and some cool vampire kills that shore up the weak parts and make this movie a likeable romantic vampire comedy.

This movie is a fun romp, some good laughs, and some touching moments. Vampire sorority sisters, a jealous guy who has to kill the girl he loves, and an impotent vampire round out the cast of “Vamp U”. This is a nice way to waste an evening.

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