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HSN Cooks! and a review of the Donatella deluxe pizza oven

Donatella Deluxe Pizza Oven


We couldn’t wait to get our hands dusty with flour. We got the Donatella Pizza Dough Mix, we got the Donatella Arribbiata spicy sauce, and ta-da, the Donatella Deluxe Pizza Oven.

Tip: Make sure the water for your yeast is not too hot--it should be about 100-110-degrees F.
Image by Andrea Campbell

"We couldn’t wait to get our hands dusty with flour."

You can make the mix with a stand mixer, but we did it using the alternate method, with a fork. You first proof the yeast (which comes in the kit) for about five minutes. The dough mix, some olive oil and a little salt is put together with the yeast. Stir with a fork until it starts to form a ball. Place onto floured board or marble and knead until it gets firm and smooth. The ball got split into two (cover one-half with a damp towel); then we rolled it into a thin crust shape and put toppings on it. The second one was rolled thicker and again, more toppings.

The Donatella oven had been preheated and we put the first in at about 375-degrees for fifteen minutes—we like this one crusty and thin. The other went in at 400-425-degrees for about eighteen minutes until the topping was bubbly.

The Donatella Arribbiata sauce makes it wonderful—it’s just the way we like it: a little bit chunky with bits of tomato and spices, it is terrific. We were very happy with our first go-round (see slideshow photos) and you can bet we will try other recipes, fresh herbs and more variations. If your family likes pizza the stone in the oven makes a great crust, we recommend it highly. Add a side-dish salad of romaine, red onion, snap bean, cucumber salad with your favorite dressing, oh boy.

By the way, her vanilla-salted caramel cupcakes are wonderful—with a bit of caramel in the middle—and, the ingredients are all things you can pronounce. Just real good food, and only 222 calories to boot. A perfect end to a great meal.

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