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How to sell your art online and other places: Review of 'Mystery of Making It'

Mystery of Making It


Intro: If you're wondering how to sell your art online (and other places), you'll want to read Jack White's book "The Mystery of Making It." Unlike some books that proclaim that they can teach you how to market your art, Jack's book is the real deal. He's an established artist, who sold over $6 million dollars worth of art over the course of 16 years. That means he made $375,000 a year selling art.

How to sell your art online and other places: Review of 'Mystery of Making It'
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How to Make Money With Your Art -- Really…

You've imagined it for years, selling your art and building a portfolio of collectors. You envision the smiles on their faces as you pull one of your paintings off the wall and wrap up it to go.

Maybe this particular collector even buys two or three pieces, because they'd make great gifts or because they need one for each room of their home.

This vision might take place in a gallery. Or maybe an art fair. Or perhaps you're bundling something up for shipping, because you've sold it online. In the latter case, it's intriguing to imagine that someone halfway around the world has displayed your art on their walls. Wow!

Anyone who has ever wondered about how to be an artist knows this feeling. And while many people will tell you that selling your own art is impossible, Jack White knows for sure that it's not.

It seems to me that this is the type of artist you want to learn from. That's why I picked up his book.

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Where to Learn Art Marketing 101

Jack White went from an unknown artist to the Official Artist of Texas in 1976.

He also decided to sell his art on eBay and purely as an experiment, he went under a pseudonym to see if he could do it. He wanted to be able to tell up-and-coming artists what works in selling your art online, so he got rid of his famous identity and went under cover.

Before he was done with his eBay experiment, he was making over $45,000 a year from eBay alone.

And as I said, he's earned millions as an artist, because he was brave enough to say what most people won't.

Art is a business. If you understand business, you can sell art. It's as simple as that. It's time that the myth of the starving artist die the death it deserves.

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Marketing Your Art -- How to Sell Your Own Art for Real

Here are a few things he teaches you in "Mystery of Making It."

  • How to price your art
  • How to deal with galleries
  • The truth about getting exposure for your art -- it's not what you think
  • Working with color schemes to improve your chances of selling your art
  • How the medium you work can affect how much art you sell
  • Why it's to your benefit to produced standard-sized pieces
  • Myths about selling art -- the truth versus what you've been told about selling your own art
  • The best place to sell your art
  • Helpful hints
  • Guerilla marketing techniques that truly teach you how to sell your art

Why This Book May Not Be For You

So here's the thing about Jack White. He doesn't talk in the fancy, high art world kind of way. He's a Texas boy, with Texas honesty. He tells you really how to sell your art, not just what sounds good.

His writing style isn't for everyone. Even he admits that. He doesn't pander to the powers-that-be in the art world. In places, his grammar is, um, colloquial. But I would caution you not to judge his ability to sell art by how he sounds in writing.

Personally, I found it refreshing and highly readable. I'm not interested in what sounds good in theory when it comes to selling your own art. I'm interested in what works. Very often, they are two different things, a point he makes in the book.

By applying some of what I learned in this book to my writing career (the techniques that were transferable), I experienced a big jump in my career. I did no extra work. I just worked more efficiently. I know that it'll change my art career as well when I move more fully in that direction.

If you're interested in selling your art online or someplace else, you should pick up Jack's book "Mystery of Making It."

I give it 5 stars.

You can order Jack White's book "Mystery of Making It" on Amazon. It's just over $25.00, but will pay back in spades.

You can also order his book "The Mystique of Marketing Art on eBay" on Amazon. It's a little over $17.00.

Watch the video that accompanies this article to check out some of Jack White's art work.

Here are some other marketing books I found helpful as well:

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