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How to make a Living as a Poet by Gary Mex Glazner

by Gary Mex Glazner, published by Soft Skull Press
Soft Skull Press

How to Make a Living as a Poet by Gary Mex Glazner


In How to make a Living as a Poet, available now for your online order or at your favorite local bookseller, the author details how he and a diverse group of American scribes – including Sherman Alexie, Mary Karr, Naomi Shihab Nye, Paul Polansky and Beau Sia – found ways of integrating poetry into their financial and occupational plans until they could do what many writers consider unthinkable: list their life’s passion on their tax forms.

Author Gary mex Glazner should know. After selling the flower shop he owned for 18 years, the champion of the 1998 Poetry Olympics worked as a poet-in-residence at a hotel (leaving 45,000 copies of his poems on guests’ pillows!), secured sponsorship to take 100 poets on an 8,000 mile tour of America, and even got Pontiac to hire him to promote a new car.

From the story of his own project using poetry to help Alzheimer’s patients to an interview on the nuts and bolts economics behind the world’s only “Poetry Diner,” Glazner details how creativity off the page can spark ever new approacjhes to writing itself. From marketing ideas on how to break out of the “poetry ghetto” to the hows and whys of analyzing the economic impact of slam festivals, Glazner shows exactly how it’s possible not just to survive but to thrive off one’s art.

Gary Mex Glazner was the winner of individual series in the 1988 Poetry Olympics, held in Stockholm, and, along with Amelia Ortiz, won the 2001 Tag-Team Championship at the Taos Poetry Circus. A graduate of Sonoma State University’s Expressive Arts program with an emphasis in poetry, Glazner and his wife live outside Santa Fe.