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'How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days'

A dating how-to on how to lose a guy in ten days, her magazine article flops after she falls in love with the subject.


By Julie D. Griffin

A political correct editor of a female magazine wants her best writer to write a story about love.
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Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey star alongside each other at the most intellectual political event of the year known to man himself. The NBA tickets of the supposed gods come into the hands of the journalist, and what happens later, her editor fully intends to make the perfect center section of that magazine. After all of the flowers of all of the other fluff, and while Andie Anderson, a writer of Composure Magazine, her assignment to write about how to fall in love with a man and by just being herself, she has a strange knack to just drive him away within a matter of only days. Unbeknownst to her, her subject of interest who she falls in love with actually and quite by mistake, and without even realizing it, just made an executive bet with the fellows that he has the ability to make any woman he wants fall in love with him. If he wins his bet, he gets the diamond advertising account. If Andie writes her article, she thinks she may get a new promotion as a writer writing about all of the things she and she alone wants to write about. Part of her article she wants to write on behalf of a friend who after only around a week falls in love with a man who dumps her. Her cure for the friend, which involves advising her not to hang onto any relationship, means writing things like I Can Too Use My Personal Life For A Story column.

With ad campaigns like Make a woman fall in love with you like diamonds, the guy of the delight of Andie becomes just as giddy, adventurous and despondent over chocolate, and as a more equal eternity turns out date nights for the two, through simple conversation they begin to find love like diamonds and companionship with each other they never knew, they never knew. "After I win this bet, the pitch is mine." Brags the man just about to fall head over heals in love with the woman. The spar for a sizzling sophisticate relationship, the check mate of her yet unrealized vision, at first things seemed pretty exciting, and did seem even as he said as saving the world. Thinking only at first of winning her editor over, Andie replies, If I do it her way for awhile, then I can write about everything I want. A great answer and a good question begins the romance. And of course, as she advises she is always in a state of exceptional repose and fantasia self-control. And yet, just as many before had already found, glam clinks and a sweater works as the battle weapon for a fast engagement just as well as a nice smile.

A woman is therefore to a man for times and perhaps a time thereafter a artifact of some interest. Yet as Andy does her investigative reporting about the secret story of romance, she changes her own smile to reflect her true feelings inside. One experiment will soon fade and as the parody of two lovers who only believe themselves a mardi gras type of parlay, the dance of romance just as a mating season of spring brings them together through the method of a volatile and powerful chic flic which also draws upon an audience of males. Some scholarly value still on the basis of film tech voluptial, term the film something a lot more like vegetarian when meat was not preferred. Despite several of the women of the film on the liberation forefront, as a comic romance the film rocks even without a claim to love famine. As she hides in the diner to eat wrapped meat while wearing a Princess Sophia gown, at least the girl does get a little me time while watching her favorite basketball team play on television during one scene. Finally, in the midst of that premier, Andie gets ready to spring into action herself, and as the story goes on, two people who thought one thing end up falling in love about another.