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How to Hack Your Education

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question a child will hear hundreds of times by the time he actually grows up. Logan Laplante, a 13 year-old boy, decided his answer to that question is “happy!” He wants to be happy and healthy and recently gave a speech to an audience at a TEDx event about how his parents allowed him the opportunity to tailor his education with that goal in mind. He now is a homeschooled who is allowed to “hack” his education.
Logan’s parents became aware that the traditional of education did not lend toward that which was in the area of their son’s interests and style of learning. Before classroom boredom burst the bubble of their son’s desire to learn, the wise parents pulled Logan out of school and allowed him to school at home.
Taking advantage of Logan’s interests, there was no stopping him in his thirst for learning and experiencing in his fields of study. The Laplantes were able to take advantage of many communities’ organizations which allowed for expansion and new ideas in Logans particular interest of skiing. Through this interaction, Logan was able to branch out into many areas connected to the skiing world and incorporate that into his hacked-style of learning.
Describing his mode of operation as a “Starbucks-style classroom,” the Laplantes also use the internet for a great deal of their son’s research and learning. They were willing to leave behind the system that was boring their son with useless worksheets, time-consuming seatwork, and meaningless bookwork in return for a system of learning in the area of Logan’s delights. Listen to the teens own words and experience of hacking his education: Logan's speech.