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How to draw books: 'The Sketchbook Challenge' has visual journal ideas, prompts

The Sketchbook Challenge


Looking for how to draw books? If so, you might want to check out "The Sketchbook Challenge" by Sue Bleiweiss. This book has some great visual journal ideas, including sketchbook prompts.

How to draw books: 'The Sketchbook Challenge' has visual journal ideas, prompts
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The Secret to Learning How to Draw? Draw a Lot!

I discovered the hard way that if I want to learn how to draw, I needed to use my sketchbook more. (I wrote about this in another article on how to use your sketchbook.) The problem that I ran into is that I didn't know what to put into my sketchbook. Several artists have mentioned to me that they also have this problem.

A book filled with sketchbook prompts and ideas for your visual journals, therefore, is invaluable. That's what you'll find in "The Sketchbook Challenge."

What do I Need for my Sketchbook?

What I found refreshing about this "how to draw" book is that it not only tells you the materials you'll need to get started for your adventures in sketch booking, but it goes over the types of sketchbooks, papers, and tools like pencils, paints, etc.

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But it doesn't leave you hanging. It gives you exercises in basic shapes -- an important tool in learning how to draw. It also walks you through how to use the tools you buy to use in your sketchbook.

How Can I Turn My Sketchbook Prompts Into Art?

Glad you asked! "The Sketchbook Challenge" also takes you through the steps required to turn your visual journal ideas into finished pieces of art, although as you learn to get comfortable in the creative process, you'll find out that sometimes things can remain "just sketches," but still have enormous value.

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I can see that this will fast become one of my favorite how to draw books, but I think that the most important thing that you'll get from it is not so much learning how to draw, but finding out what to draw. When you get into the advanced stages of art-making, this tool alone will ensure that you can create enough ideas to make a lifetime's worth of art and then some.

I rate this book five stars!

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