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How to become an Automotivepreneur with Robert Wiesman



In the next 30 minutes, Flex Dealer's Director of On Line media and walking case study, Robert Wiesman will share with you how to become an Automotivepreneur. Robert hit the car business ground running in August of 2010 as the self proclaimed "Showroom Executive" in Hagerstown,MD. Taking the automotive industry by storm Robert was making six figures in the first twelve months and he was hooked.

This video webinar will show you how to become an automotive professional and entrepreneur at the same time. This is how you become the go to guy or gal in your market. The "only game in town." Robert Wiesman will reveal where the first place is to start building your brand and your business as an automotive sales professional. You can start building your "business within a business" by taking a highly proactive approach to auto sales. There is no need to be just waiting for the next opportunity to randomly show up. What if you could create your own traffic and what if you could do that at a very low cost?

This will be one of many webinars that will put on by Flex Dealer.

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