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How's it going for dinner?

Todd English's Ca Va Lounge
Todd English's Ca Va Lounge
Todd English

Todd English's Ca Va Restaurant at the InterContinental Hotel W44 Street NYC


That's right, how’s it going for dinner is another way of asking, "What are you doing for dinner?" When you are looking for something different, special, savory, and out of the ordinary just say, "How's it going for dinner?" When you do, you will reach for your phone and call Todd English's Ça Va in midtown Manhattan on West 44th Street for a reservation.

Todd English's Ca Va Restaurant 310 W44 Street, NYC
Todd English

"Ça Va" is familiar French for "How's it going?" And when you go to Ça Va, you will be doing just fine. Ça Va is a true dining experience. It is a pleasure trip for your senses.

Located at the Intercontinental Hotel, the ambience is contemporary elegance and casually innovative. There is no pretense to this French inspired brassiere. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well for a weekend brunch. Ça Va is a certified Green Restaurant and it is "A" rated by the city.

As you peruse the oversized one page paper menu, you will quickly notice the menu is in French (with English subtitles.) As you read each menu item you will sense that each one of the dishes seems to have been created with a wisp of genius by Chef de Cuisine Patrick Malone. It is hard to decide on what to order because everything looks so delicious.

The Chef also offers a pre fix menu that is a wonderful mix of his al a Carte menu and some specialties. As well, the Chef offers a Plats Du Jour. These “plates of the day” have a different entrée offering for each day of the week. These are different than the main menu entrée offerings. These daily specials look so good that they should be offered every day of the week.

Once you have decided upon your courses, you can sit back and enjoy that great cocktail or a glass of their many fine wines as you wait for that parade of food that is coming your way. You can nibble on French crusty bread and some house butter or smear delicious house grainy mustard spread onto that bread.

The Chef also pays homage to a flavor of the month. This month it is honey in tribute to National Honey Month. The Chef prepares an outrageous appetizer he calls BOULETTES DE POULET AU CITRON. This is a cup sized Mason jar filled with chicken meatballs, trued honey, and preserved lemon. The savory meatball against the honey and lemon was truly a match made in culinary heaven. Although it is a more than thoughtful portion size, you could definitely make this appetizer an entrée. For you seafood lovers, The GRILLED OCTOPUS with flageolet beans, olive tapenade and charred tomatoes is a clear winner as an appetizer. The octopus was succulent and not at all chewy, which is the true mark of a chef that knows how to prepare seafood. This is a must try.

And for your entree, if you are a meat eater you must try the CÔTE DE BOEUF BRAISÉE braised short rib of beef, truffled polenta and honey glazed baby root vegetables. The presentation is so incredible; you will just want to look at a bit before eating it. The meat is so tender and juicy that you know it has been braised for hours. The polenta is creamy and smooth. The demi-glaze is savory and not salty. The side of root veggies just compliments the dish so very well.

If chicken is what you like, the DEMI POULET RÔTI AU MIEL, honey roasted half chicken, smoked bacon Brussels sprout hash, butternut squash purée and sage brown butter is your entrée. The chicken is cooked to perfection--tender and juicy. The Brussels sprout hash was a taste treat. The layers of flavor going on in this dish is nothing short of amazing.

You cannot leave this restaurant without trying a side of TRUFFLED MAC 'n CHEESE. Seriously, DO NOT LEAVE without trying this to die for mac and cheese. It does not matter how many calories are in that side dish just eat it without remorse. It is one of the best mac and cheese dishes you will ever eat.

Hopefully, you now have a bit of room for dessert, so why not go with something chocolate. There is nothing better than chocolate following an amazing meal. Ça Va's WARM HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE TART chocolate gelato, chocolate streusel is the dessert of choice. Smooth, rich and satisfying, you will not want to share this with anyone. If you a bit more cosmopolitan and like something sweet, yet light, the FIG AND PEAR TART TATIN Puff pastry, vanilla gelato, caramelized honey is what you should order. You can see and taste the homemade goodness in this dessert. Simple and perfect!

Looking for something whimsical for dessert, ask for the PISTACHIO MADELEINES WITH CHOCOLATE DIPPING SAUCE. These lovely baked miniature cakes are uniquely French. They are a fine finish to an excellent meal that you can share between you. And, don’t forget the espresso! Nothing finishes a great meal like a good cup of espresso coffee.

So, how is it going for dinner for you tonight?