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How Market Samurai can improve Google Rankings for your Small Business

Market Samurai SEO Analysis


Is you business struggling to generate more qualified leads? Is your small business unable to locate enough customers who could be looking for your services? Well, Market Samurai could be just what the doctor ordered.

It was late last year that Google has decided to mask the SEO keyword information that was that was directing traffic to any website. Google was sharing this information free of charge when you set up a Google Analytics account which showed what keywords people used to find your website. The free lunch was over and if you wanted to get the same information you now had to purchase Google Adwords.

One alternative to purchasing ads from Google is Market Samurai. Market Samurai offers Small Businesses real time SEO analysis to help with Inbound Marketing. In fact, using Market Samurai you can develop an in-depth analysis of your competitor's ranking and by reverse engineering you could crack their code for success.

According to Mark Resler, the CMO of Homestretch Properties, they are using Market Samurai in developing keyword research strategy that has eliminated the guess work of what services their customers are looking along with the frequency of these searches. But that's just the beginning of the process Mark says. With the results of the Keyword Planner from Market Samurai, Homestretch Properties folks isolate the best Keyword with the highest SEO Traffic and SEO Value to identify the SEO Competition for that keyword phrase.

But Market Samurai is not without it's detractors as well. For one thing the solution is no Cloud-Based and requires installation. In fact, Market Samurai only support MacOS and Windows platforms. Chromebook users would have to wait for the Cloud based version which we are told is in the works but no availability date at this writing.

In my own trial of Market Samurai, I lost 3 days of work since I had to wait for the Support Team from Australia to appear and respond to my request for help since the login information of my Google Analytics account was not being recognized by Market Samurai. It took few hours of debug to get the software configured. It even feel strange to write this line since no one installs software these days, but I had to change my Google Analytics password twice since Market Samurai utilizes the same login to execute keyword research. I kept getting error message that I had entered the wrong login and password. The software finally worked after I launched MS Internet Explorer and logged into my Google Analytics account on IE. The fact that the Market Samurai insists on having IE as the browser of choice is rather obscene and very limiting.

The positives of the using Market Samurai is the one time fee of $147 dollars which can be discounted to $99 after the free trial period. The other positive features of Market Samurai is that they have very well documented and well developed series of Video Tutorials to help you get started. We also like the ability to locate the back links for the most highly ranked websites as well.

Finally, we also like the Market Samurai features that shows related Content about the Keywords you are interested in using. It gives you ideas on how people are using the same keywords to generate content. Just be careful not to abuse this option since Google will penalize you for duplicate content.

We would love to hear from you about the SEO Tools you use for your business.

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