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'How It All Began: Origins of Master Mantak Chia' DVD Review

How It All Began
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How It All Began: Origins of Master Mantak Chia


Taoist Master Mantak Chia left his native Thailand and made his way to the United States. The time was the early 1970's, the Vietnam War was still taking place and a search for inner peace had begun to take place. Master Chia studied the ancient ways and gathered the knowledge to create the Healing Tao and Universal Healing Tao System. This search of spiritual knowledge is now being taught worldwide.

This documentary was made by Jamee Culbertson and Karin Sarvik. TDC is the distributor of the film. The sound and visuals are of the highest quality and the documentary explains much to the viewers delight.

The documentary explains how Master Chia began his studies while still a young boy. As he mastered the ancient ways and brought to them other teachings he was able to begin that search for an inner spiritual being. In doing so he was able to build his strength of being to an incredible place.

The film teaches you the hidden secrets found in the knowledge of Master Chia and you will from the Master himself in interviews. You will learn how the Healing Center had its beginnings in Chinatown, New York City. You will visit with original students of Master Chia and you will learn from instructors of the Healing Tao.

This DVD will hit the streets come July 8, 2014. It will be one of the most enlightening documentaries that you will ever watch. The path to spiritual happiness will be brought to you in your living room and it will be a definite keeper for your library.