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'How I Met Your Mother' 'Daisy' review: What Lily's hiding at the Captain's

Ted thinks he solves the mystery of Lily's secret on 'How I Met Your Mother' 'Daisy.'
Ted thinks he solves the mystery of Lily's secret on 'How I Met Your Mother' 'Daisy.'
Richard Cartwright/CBS

'How I Met Your Mother' 'Daisy'


When “How I Met Your Mother” season nine focuses on the present day, with just a few glimpses here and there into the past and future, it’s at it’s best. That’s exactly what happened in the March 10 episode, “Daisy,” which told the tale of what exactly Lily (Alyson Hannigan) was up to when she disappeared the night of her big fight with Marshall (Jason Segel).

But that’s not all. While the “HIMYM” boys are teaching someone some manners, Robin (Cobie Smulders) is spending some time with her crazy mother. In doing so, she learns a few things about how horrible her dad was, like how he was once engaged to an exotic dancer, once dressed up like a portrait to land a lady, and slept with over 20 women… just like Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). “Apparently, I’m marrying my dad in a few hours,” Robin realizes, as Linus swings by to re-supply her with a drink.

The red flags about their relationship are everywhere just a few hours before the big wedding, but surprisingly that’s not the focus, nor the most interesting part of “How I Met Your Mother” “Daisy.” Rather, for once, that focus was all about Lily and Marshall. And too bad for Ted (Josh Radnor), his detective skills are still lacking.

While Ted is pretty confident he’s figured out why Lily ended up at the house of the Captain (Kyle MacLachlan) on the night of Marshall and Lily’s big fight on “HIMYM,” he’s only partway right, because he makes the wrong assumption about why she kept chewing gum. When Lily took the train to Farhampton, and went to the Captain’s in the middle of the night and hung out in the “powder room,” she wasn’t sneaking cigarettes, something she always does when Marshall is away.

Detective Mosby should get some credit though. After all, he is right about where Lily would throw something away if she was hiding out in a powder room: the daisy plant in the south-facing window. But it’s no cigarette in the plant. Rather, in a wonderful shocking twist, it’s a positive pregnancy test. That’s why, when Marshall called their family a consolation prize during their fight, Lily had such a strong reaction.

But what about all her drinking that weekend, one might ask? Turns out, for Lily, the Kennedy package was all about pretending she was drinking. And off the boys go, back to the Farhampton Inn -- but not before Barney taunts Ted about the pregnancy stick. “Lily peed on it. And you touched it.”

Back at the Farhampton Inn, Marshall and Lily share the best moment ever on “How I Met Your Mother” season nine. For one, Marshall decides something for them; they’re now they’re going to Rome. “I’m giving you your dream,” Marshall, always the sweetheart, says. “Because you’re giving me mine.” And what do they name their little girl, who they have in Rome? Daisy, of course.

And then what happens when Barney meets Robin’s mom? He immediately hugs her. Just like that, Robin’s mom admits that Barney is nothing like Robin’s dad -- thankfully. But unfortunately, this story didn’t end there. In a heart to heart out on the balcony, Robin’s mom says the most important thing is that Robin has someone who is always there for her, and someone she can depend on. “Do you have someone like that?” her mom asks.

“I do,” Robin says, but by the look on her face, it doesn’t seem like she's thinking about Barney. Any guesses that it's Ted who springs to her mind? That storyline should have sailed though, long long ago, and here’s really hoping that with only three episodes left to go, Robin is not really questioning her feelings for Ted, again. After all, it's about time for a wedding, and that wedding better really happen after all these years.

“How I Met Your Mother” airs on CBS Mondays on 8 p.m. EDT.

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