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How grand is the Budapest hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel


Wes Anderson is a director who has been loved and then abandoned by those lovers.

Ready the boudoir. Those lovers are returning home.

The Grand Budapest Hotel,” presented by 20th Century Fox, is sensational. A perfect marriage of film and theater, “Budapest” is a multilayered treat for anyone who appreciates lavish language, shrewd humor, an outlandish and silly cast of characters and an affecting narrative.

A book within a movie and a past within a past within a past, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a picturesque tale of admiration in all its splendor.

A quintessential buddy film, the central story which drives the film is about Zero, a lobby boy and his mentor, M. Gustav (Ralph Fiennes). The adventure begins and from there becomes a theatrical escapade of murder, war, sex, high speed chases and love.

With marvelous use of the McGuffin, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” sweetly pulls at the heart after tickling the funny bone time and again.

Rich color, visual punch lines, sprawling interior and exterior sets and a slew of familiar legendary faces framed as if in a proscenium stage complete the dynamics that make this film such a joy.

But, this is for the theater lover as much of the story is delivered through narration and dialogue. Some of the characters are used as devices which helps its teetering into the realm of melodrama. Because of this theatrical personality, though the movie lasts only 100 minutes it feels a little long.

The shining star of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is the subtle, yet outrageous performance delivered by Mr. Ralph Fiennes. The methodology of characterization is held there in his hands, in his gate, in the expanse of his penetrating blue gaze.

A performance such as his in all its fanciful flight and surprising depth is best supported by the genius of Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Adrian Brody, Tilda Swinson, Willem Defoe, and Mr. Harvey Keitel. The cast is such a parade of beloved faces a part of the excitement in watching is wondering who we will see next.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is sure to reignite the Wes Anderson love and earn him some new admirers in the process.

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