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Malti Melissa's "House of Metal" Birthday Bash at Malone's

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Metal show with Spider Island, KaVan, DIA, Hour:11, Firing All Cylinders, Clearview


What makes a Metal birthday bash Metal? Spider Island, KaVaN, DIA, Hour:11, Firing All Cylinders, and Clearview that’s what made Malti Melissa's B-day bash Metal. Thanks to Eddie and the House of Metal for putting on a 40th birthday bash to end all metal birthday bashes. If you missed this party that included a horns up line up, an Eddy (Iron Maiden) cake, plus friends and music fans, you missed a true music lovers event.

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Eddie and the House of Metal is no stranger to putting on a great show. This was no exception. Not only was the show for a friend (and Metal music super-fan), it brought out a band that has been on hiatus for about a year (KaVaN), a tribute to the legend himself - Ronnie James Dio (DIA - a mostly female band with Mr. Drum Slut pounding the skins), a band that has just finished new material and performed it at the show (Hour:11), a new band that is dropping an album in the very near future (Spider Island), and 2 bands that melted faces (Clearview and Firing all Cylinders). Horns up to Eddie and House of Metal for not only giving our friend (Malti Melissa) a great night of music but also feeding the cravings of the hungry metal fans. There is a common theme in the music scene bringing all types of people together for a common purpose; MUSIC. I have seen it over and over and this birthday bash was no different. When you support local music and you come to the shows, you become part of a community. You start seeing the same faces all over the place. Some fans do this so well that they become known in the music scene for the support they give the bands and all the shows. That defines Malti Melissa. A music supporter - rain or shine. Happy Birthday to you Malti and cheers to many more!

To those fans that did not make to this bash, there will be a show on a stage near you so come out and enjoy the music!

Written by Melissa Anderson

Photo's by ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine