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House Moving Museum of Fort Worth-A fascinating stop along the way

House moving models line the museum.
Kena Sosa

House Moving Museum


Just when I thought I had hit every museum in Dallas/Fort Worth, I found this little diamond in the rough, the House Moving Museum in Fort Worth. Located at 12155 Bus. Hwy. 287 North, admission is free Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 for everyone. H.D. Snow, owner of HD Snow and Son House Moving, began collecting house moving artifacts back in 1985 from movers all over the United States and even as far away as New Zealand, only fifteen years after opening his business. The museum opened officially as a non-profit business in the year 2000, ensuring that "preservation through relocation," not only works for homes and buildings but also for the interesting artifacts that make these feats possible.

Lining the walls of the vast 9,000 square foot building, are red oak posts longer than those I've seen in my lifetime, and a colorful plethora of red jacks, from standard to industrial strength instruments capable of lifting up to fifteen tons. One section even features a collection of yellow jacks that were used back during the turn of the 20th century to move buildings after the hurricane-induced flood in Galveston.

Countless photographs and articles adorn the walls, while the floors are hedged with antique dollies, some completely made from wood, that could carry up to 40 tons each. An eye-catching Pull Truck from 1937 is inside as well, to complement the models surrounding the building, each with their own unique flair.

It might be a bit of a drive, but there is no other House Moving Museum, making it a stop worth the travel for the curious.