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House Brand Blend



Somethings tightening the purse string is part and parcel of life. This is when we turn to house brands whenever possible when we purchase products. Often, consumers are skeptical about purchasing house brand products. Of course, the phrase "you pay for what you get" is true, but sometimes it is not always the case.

In Japan, the house brand, Top Value, belongs to one of the biggest grocery stores in Asia. Top Value delivers various products, ranging from yogurt, coffee, soup, you name it they have it. Top Value coffee comes in many flavor including "Blend" and "Mocha".

The instant coffee serves as a drip coffee. In the packet, you will split open a coffee pack that has a sachet with two handles which allows you to hook it to the sides of your cup. You will then slowly pour boiling water into the sachet. The coffee will then slowly drip into your cup (imagine a drip coffee machine in a mini version).

This coffee sachet is reusable (to a certain extend). You can replenish your coffee by just adding more hot water. Of course, the coffee will be diluted the more you add hot water. Taste wise, good. Weighing the convenience and the price, the taste is comparable.

Try it and happy coffee dripping at your own convenience!