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Hot 'N Gold Ionic Soft Jumbo Bonnet Dryer: Like being at the beauty shop at home

Looking inside of the Ionic Soft Jumbo Bonnet Dryer box
Looking inside of the Ionic Soft Jumbo Bonnet Dryer box
(Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

Gold 'N Hot Ionic Soft Jumbo Bonnet Dryer


For CTA riders and Metra train riders, reading may be part of your everyday life. But I catch up on all of my favorite magazines and books at the beauty salon. With Smartphones doing everything but making me breakfast, I can also scroll through my phone and catch up on the latest news. And where's my favorite spot to do it? Sitting comfortably under a hair dryer. However, for someone as frugal as me who can do her own hair (minus cutting), going to the shop to read is unnecessary and too expensive.

As much as I'm a fan of Gold 'N Hot styler dryers, the bicep muscle I get from dragging that dryer back and forth through my hair gets old quickly. On top of that, the attachment combs have broken one too many times and I slowly lost patience after purchasing several attachment combs online since the hand-held dryer is too difficult to find in stores. So when I tried out the Hot 'N Gold Ionic Soft Jumbo Bonnet Dryer, I was hooked. I read many mixed reviews on this dryer when I first bought it in April 2012, but over a year and a half later, I still have no complaints.

The dryer is easy to assemble. All of the parts come in a suitcase style carrying case with a retractable handle and see-through cover. The case includes:

Jumbo-size drawstring bonnet

40" flexible hose

Cord storage compartment with a cord

Bonnet storage compartment with a bonnet

Insert the hose into the bonnet. Tie the bonnet around your head. Plug the dryer in. And do whatever you want to do. Watch television. Read a book. Play on your computer. You'll look a little alien-like because of the way the heat blows up the bonnet, but the Jumbo Bonnet Dryer successfully dries my hair and has a High/Low switch for styling purposes.

The only downside to the dryer is the hose can get a little hot. I usually move the dryer so the hose rests on my back or on the top part of my right arm. No major irritation.

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