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Horror and romance intertwine in 'Stillwell' by Michael Phillip Cash

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"Stillwell" by Michael Phillip Cash


Peter Russo is haunted by ghosts and tormented by demons in this suspenseful mystery. The grief and despair of losing the love of his life has pulled Peter into a downward spiral, but he must keep it together for his children and move forward. Unfortunately something, or someone, is holding him back. To purge the demon haunting him and his family today, he must solve a mystery dating back hundreds of years.

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"Stillwell" by Michael Phillip Cash is a paranormal mystery that treads the line between the past and present and weaves the stories together seamlessly. Cash has created imagery that puts you right into the story and the interesting characters have back stories you want to learn more about. I literally got chills reading his description of the apparition appearing.

But, I did have an issue with this book, it was too short. He left way too much meat on the bone to make this the truly satisfying read I wanted it to be. He had all the elements to make this story a bite your nails to the quick, suspenseful, romantic, horrifying thrill ride. The emotions and characters were very real and certainly created a connection to the reader. The paranormal aspect was quite believable, not quirky or over the top fantastical. I just wish he'd pushed a little higher and gone just a little bit closer to the edge before screeching toward the end and gliding into a smooth finish.

Overall, "Stillwell" was a good read and I look forward to reading more of Cash's work.

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