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Is that the icy hand now...I guess you can stay.


By Julie D. Griffin

A perfect choice for a man as the father of a child, Mr Brand works to share his positive sobriety and all of the ensue of fame and benefits which accompany same.  Perhaps others who want to consider life as a parent should honor same.
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

An adorable animated Easter film for children. While Christmas for the children of privilege means images of sugar canes floating by, Easter for the holiday of the child pampered only means more candy than necessary. And this time, although the chocolate vat overflows, the kind-hearted Russell Brand a perfect exhibit of a man who a marvelous father image promotes sobriety and right living in his free-time seemed the perfect person to operate as the main spokesperson for the Easter Bunny here, the voice of Easter Bunner Jr. Brand stars as the son of President Easter Bunny, C.E.O. of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies everlasting. And a huge egg-shaped Easter Sleigh complete with magic spray and bids the reindeer of Easter deliveries, all of the little chickees with names to commiserate with same. And with Peter De Seve as the designer of E.B. who claims that no mistakes are allowed during the delivery of baskets to many a child, it is his sole and heart desire that each child in the world who wishes for a basket may receive one, and that no child is left behind.

Therefore, the O'Hare household and each family of the world represented and for those grown adult children all alone at Easter time with not even a dime to even buy a chocolate egg, let alone an egg, please be encouraged and know that Easter Bunny sends you special prayers and wishes also. And hear ye, hear ye, be it known that the grown son gets a letter from each family member confronting him about why he continues to live at home. "Baby birds get nudged, giant birds get shoved." It takes the holiday of Easter to make the now grown James Marsden (Fred O'Hare) realize his destiny. As a child, he watched the father of E.B. Jr. deliver many a treat to children world wide, while on Easter Island, E.B. Jr. who wants to grow up to be a famous rock star drummer sings and plays, I don't wanna be just like you. "It's not a hobby, dad. I want to be in a band. I wanna see the world." Insists the young bunny boy. But even the human dad has other ideas. Refusing to support the valid dreams of his very own flesh and blood son, dad who also adopts lonely children from other countries, unfairly tells him, "You need to get it together and get your priorities straight." Dad wants his son to leave the nest, but dad also wants to control his son once gone. Bunny books a flight to Hollywood, L.A. to seek his fortune and once asked about baggage tells them, "Just emotional."

The three Shusses reminds sister of Fred the young teenage boy who always dreamed of going onboard with the Easter Bunny as a way of life, Kaley Cuoco, the real daughter of Captain Kirk tries everything she knows to get her fantasy brother here a job. Do not just breeze in to the new job I got you. Shower, shave. You know. And meanwhile, back at the other location. Every rose has it's thorn. As Bunny Jr. doth profess, he goes straight to the Hefner mansion after reading a newspaper want ad for bunnies. Hire me, as I am one, he tells the man. But facing his first big city rejection, he reasons with himself anyway, "That lady wrote Harry Potter in a ditch ~ How could this night get any worse?" Asking the fatal questions that fears to sentence one to a life of avalanche disasters concurrent forever. "Well, who do you think said it? Your latest victim."