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'Hook' is a lot of fun



Recently, it was announced that Rooney Mara has been cast in "Pan," the latest film version of James Barrie's much beloved story "Peter Pan." Originally written for the stage, it has captured the creative interest of many filmmakers over the years. In 1991, Steven Spielberg directed a big budget version, "Hook."

"Hook" brings a new twist to the old story. Here, the once whimsical Peter Pan is now an adult lawyer (played by Robin Williams) and father of two. He is a tenacious workaholic who spends too much time at the office and not nearly enough time at home. One evening, while they are on a family trip to England, Peter's children are abducted by Captain Hook (played by Dustin Hoffman). Shortly after this, Tinkerbell (played by Julia Roberts) finds Peter and takes him to Neverland to retrieve his kids. Here, he has to train with the Lost Boys to fight Hook, which is difficult since he has adapted to a new life and forgotten his old one.

"Hook" features an enjoyably over-the-top performance by Dustin Hoffman. He is very funny in the role. Another strong performance is by Robin Williams, who is perfectly cast as the adult Peter Pan/Banning. Julia Roberts is also very good as Tinkerbell, who helps Peter find his old self and prepare for his confrontation with Hook.

This film also features impressive action scenes and special effects. An example is the final swordfight between Peter and Captain Hook. Spielberg makes this scene very exciting.

"Hook" is a lot of fun for fans of Peter Pan.