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'Honor thy thug' by Wahida Clark

'Honor thy Thug' by Wahida Clark

Honor thy thug


For the urban readers, Wahida Clark brings to life the underworld. The cost of doing business that affects the lives of three couples and their families. The underworld like corporate America has rules, but justice is swift when the rules are violated. Money, murder, and unbridled passion are the trappings and allure that make this life difficult to walk away from.

Out of darkness comes the light. Clark wrote her first novel while serving a nine half year prison sentence. Nine months of which were spent in solitary confinement. While behind bars, Clark signed a publishing deal with two major publishing houses. This is her 12th book.

Faheem and Jasmine live in California with their little girl. The two know the underworld well along with its rules. “An eye for an eye.” When Faheem's son is kidnaped and killed over a robber he had nothing to do with, he is bent on revenge. Finding out only six months ago, he had a son. He knows his son's biological mother is responsible for his death. Jaz sees her husband's distress over the loss of his son and takes matters into her own hands. She is determined to show her husband that she has his back no matter what.

Trae and Tasha live in Georgia with their three children and a niece. Trae and Tasha have had their share of martial ups and downs and infidelities. One of which is Kyron who can't seem to let Tasha go even after Trae tries to kill him in his hospital bed. When a lucrative offer is made to Trae, he cannot resist. It is more money than he has ever seen. Tasha tries to dissuade him from taking the job. The job involves working for a Chinese crime boss with whom Trae has had an affair with his daughter. Charli Li has her own agenda, which includes taking Trae away from his wife.

Angel and Kaylin live in New York, where they try to make an honest living as record producers. They seem to be the only stable couple in the group, until their friends call for help. Kaylin is Kyron's brother, of whom he keeps having the same dream. When Trae is in trouble, Kaylin comes back to a life he has tried to avoid.

'Honor thy thug' is an intriguing novel. The story keeps moving. At the same time, it gives readers an insight on how fast money can become a life that is difficult to walk away from. People may not be bad, but their choices can be. Wahida Clark is a good read.