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Honda Civic Tour rolls into Dallas with Linkin Park and Incubus

Linkin Park, Incubus, Mutemath 2012
Linkin Park, Incubus, Mutemath 2012Bobby Hitt, Firebird Images

Honda Civic Tour 2012


The Honda Civic Tour rolled into Dallas this past Monday and despite being a work/school day, fans flocked out to see it. Gexa Energy Pavilion was packed for LINKIN PARK, INCUBUS, and MUTEMATH.

Linkin Park
Linkin ParkBobby Hitt, Firebird Images

MUTEMATH started things off with a truly unique set. When you see the drummer duct taping headphones to his head you know things are going to get interesting. The set was mostly instrumental – and some of those instruments were interesting to say the least. Take for instance the band’s “Atari”, an AxeSynth instrument which uses the same sound synthesizer used in the Space Invaders video game. It’s one strange looking and sounding instrument and the thing that really stood out to me during the band’s set.

While the crowd enjoyed MUTEMATH it was the next two bands that they were all there to see. INCUBUS came out to insane cheers – and the setting sun hitting them right in the face. But that didn’t stop the band from having a hell of a time on stage. Opening up with “Adolescents” and “Nice to Know You” they kept up a steady pace and kept the crowd going. Things slowed down a bit for the lighting of a candelabra, the pouring of a couple glasses of wine and a toast between vocalist Brandon Boyd and lead guitar Mike Einziger just before the song “Promises, Promises”. They even threw in a Lionel Richie cover with “Hello”.

The noise level increased tenfold when headliners LINKIN PARK came onstage and began their amazing 18 song set (plus 3 song encore). Supporting their newest album, Living Things, they did play five songs off the new album, including the hit single “Burn It Down”. Mixed in, though, was a nice mix of their other albums including “Numb”, “Bleed It Out”, and “Breaking the Habit”. Impressive video backdrops (even using Microsoft Kinects set up on Joe Hahn’s turntables and Mike Shinoda’s keyboard), some nicely placed pyro, and an incredibly energetic Chester Bennington made for a set that never seemed to stop and left my ears ringing for a full day afterwards.

Be sure to check out LINKIN PARK’s newest album Living Things, INCUBUS’s HQ Live CD/DVD combo, and MUTEMATH’s latest, Odd Soul.