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Home Instead In home care agency in Kalamazoo Michigan

In home care agency, Home Instead


Choosing the right care for Mom or Dad can be an extremely daunting task. If after considering all options the family or power of attorney chooses to use an in home agency, it is time to screen and get references for at least three companies before hiring.

A service in which caregivers come into the home is the most desirable option for any family. However, many families resist having a menagerie of strange people constantly in and out. It is hard for the loved one to trust others. It is extremely important to check the agencies quality of caregivers.

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Home Instead Senior Care is an AARP approved care giving service that offers specific training for caregivers. Home Instead is a national franchised, locally owned and operated service that specializes in careful hiring techniques with mandatory caregiver training. The agency specializes in working with seniors with all types of daily living and health care needs.

Home Instead Senior Care staff are experts in the field of dementia.

The national website offers free family caregiver training.

The Alzheimer's and Dementia e-learning classes and scheduled chat sessions are free. Questions and concerns are addressed and discussed with experts such as, David Troxel, author and expert on Alzheimer's and Dr.Jayne Potter, M.D.

Online consulting is available, free of charge for all persons dealing with dementia issues.

Transcripts of online chats with experts and peers for Alzheimer's and other dementia issues can be found on the national website,

Call 1-888-734-8645 for 24 hour support to deal with dementia issues. An email option is also offered.

Costs for senior care can be confusing.

Costs are lower to maintain part time or round the clock care in most instances. According to Boomer Projects, a survey done for Home Instead Senior Care services, most people overestimate the cost for in home care in comparison to facility care.

In the article, Understanding What Home Care Really Costs on the Home Instead website, reputable calculation sources are quoted. According to experts in the field, the highest cost in 2011 was for a private room in a nursing home for an average of $85,775 per year. A semi-private room would be $75,555 per year. An assisted living option on average would cost $39,240.00 per year. In comparison, in home health aides cost $37,440.00 per year or less, calculated @20.00 per hour.

Quality caregiver training is important.

It is important to find out how caregivers are trained. If paper in-service sheets are handed out with expectations that caregivers are going to read them, the information is most likely never read and any quiz sheets are never turned back in. Regularly scheduled care giving interactive sessions are extremely important with quizzes at the end of the sessions.

In training sessions and in one on one evaluations, close attention to body language and answers to questions need to be part of the interaction. The evaluator in charge should also be highly qualified.

In Home health care agencies should be screened carefully to make sure that background checks are completed to ensure that elder abuse will not occur. Agencies should match professional caregivers with the client so that a good relationship and trust can be developed.

Free video training is available on the Home Instead Senior Care website.

The Home Instead caregivers are chosen for and trained specifically in all aspects of senior care needs. The national Home Instead website offers videos of shared stories from other family and professional caregivers. The stories help persons to understand memory loss and how to deal with the symptoms.

Families in the Kalamazoo area who need respite in home care of loved ones can call 269-553-7773 in order to obtain specifically matched caregivers. Options for other areas can be found at 1-800-640-3914.


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