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Holly's manga review: 'Yugioh R'

Yugioh R
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“Yugioh R” is a sequel to the bestselling manga series “Yugioh”, by Akira Ito. Yako Tenma is the protégé and adopted son of Maximillion Pegasus. He finds out that Pegasus is dead. Yako swears revenge on Yugi, mistakenly believing he’s the one who killed him. He takes over Kaiba Corp while Kaiba is in the United States. He also kidnaps Anzu in order to use her in a ritual to resurrect Pegasus. Can Yugi save the day?

The story idea is great. Unfortunately, the author doesn’t manage to balance the action scenes with the plot, making the manga feel a little shallow. It’s odd that we don’t have flashback scenes where Celica makes an appearance nor does Yako ever consider resurrecting her alongside Pegasus. It would also have been nice if we saw scenes where Pegasus bonds with his disciples. Despite the missed opportunities, it’s overall a decent manga for Honolulu “Yugioh” fans.

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