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Holly's manga review: 'You Will Fall in Love'

You Will Fall in Love
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“You Will Fall in Love” is a yaoi manga by Hinako Takahaga. Haru is a high school teacher who quit archery because he couldn’t confess his feelings to his rival, Reiichiro Shudo. He reluctantly fills in for the faculty advisor of the high school archery club. He soon runs into Tsukasa Shudo, a brilliant archery prodigy and the younger brother of Reiichiro. They fall in love with each other, but will history repeat itself?

While some readers may roll their eyes at the reason why Haru quit archery, it’s a plausible reason, consider that many people in academia resign due to personal scandals. The psychological implications of dating your crushes’ sibling is pretty interesting and should have been explored in more detail. The plot is okay, even if it’s your usual melodramatic yaoi clichés. At least there are no annoying rape scenes. This is a solid yaoi for Honolulu manga fans.

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