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Holly's manga review: 'You and Harujion'



“You and Harujion” is a yaoi manga by Keiko Kinoshita. You is a young man who just lost his father. Unfortunately, before he can have time to properly grieve, he finds out that his Dad left a mound of debts. You has literally no experience in dealing with legal proceedings. He’s scared of the bill collectors and his friends are unable to help him. Luckily, a lawyer named Senoh arrives on the scene. You is suspicious of him at first because he doesn’t remember meeting Senoh. But Senoh never forgot You’s act of kindness from long ago. Now Senoh needs to make a choice: does he want to be You’s surrogate father or his lover?

It’s a decent manga, but it probably needed a few more volumes in order to build up the emotional poignancy as Senoh slowly comes to realize that his feelings for You aren’t exactly platonic. While it’s a little irritating that Senoh didn’t tell You right away the reason why he’s so willing to help You out with his financial problems, the reader might get the feeling that You would still have been suspicious of him, considering that he was just a little kid when he met Senoh and most likely wouldn’t have a very good memory then. It would also have been pretty cool to see Senoh actually use his lawyering skills, considering that Japanese manga has a tendency to make stuff like investing and Go interesting and exciting to the average person on the street. With all of Senoh’s conflicting feelings, it surprising that he doesn’t have concerns that if he does have a romantic relationship with You, people will immediately label him a pedophile simply because he’s a lot more older than You. Honolulu yaoi fans can read this on a rainy day.

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