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Holly's manga review: 'Yokai's Hunger'

Manga Review


“Yokai’s Hunger” is a supernatural yaoi by Naono Bohra. Norito Ogami is an ordinary high school student who has an unfortunate tendency to attract demons. A yokai named Koma appears before him. It turns out that Norito saved Koma in a past life and made a pact with him. The scar on Norito’s chest ties him to Koma, who promised to always protect him. The scar is the reason why he unintentionally attracts demons, because while it renders him invisible to their sight, it doesn’t mask the smell of yokai blood on him. So they attack the people around him in a vain attempt to find Norito. To make things more complicated, Koma needs to have sex with Norito in order to keep his strength up. How will Norito cope with all of this craziness?

“Yokai’s Hunger” can be pretty scary and violent, although if the reader can handle it, they’ll find that it has a bite and energy not found in a lot of yaoi. The other cool thing is that half of the cast look like good looking middle aged men, which is a refreshing change of pace from the usual glut of generic pretty boys. There are some problematic yaoi clichés, but there’s an interesting story underneath it. The main problem is that “Yokai’s Hunger” really should have been a long running series so that the story could be fully developed into an epic adventure. While the manga gives a plausible explanation as to why Koma needs to have sex with Norito, it does feel shoehorned into the story rather than naturally growing out of the characters’ interactions. It’s also a shame that the author didn’t have any kinky consensual sex scenes where the yokai use their supernatural powers. Honolulu manga fans looking for a good yaoi with bit should try “Yokai’s Hunger”.

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