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Holly's manga review: 'Wolf'

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“Wolf” is a boxing manga by Shige Nakamura. Naoto is a young man who is searching for his dad. He wants revenge because his dad abandoned him and his mom in order to become a champion boxer. However, his dad will only agree to fight him if Naoto becomes a boxer. Now Naoto will have to go through grueling training in order to achieve his goal. Will he be able to get his revenge match with his dad?

It’s a decent manga with good art, although the writer needed to be a little more creative when getting Naoto’s parents to reunite. Like maybe having his mom do a surprise visit to the gym or the sports arena. It also would have been nice to show that Naoto’s dad realizes that he never needed to leave the family because they already saw him as a great boxer. Honolulu “Gen” manga fans should give “Wolf” a look.

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