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Holly's manga review: 'Warning! Whispers of Love'

Warning! Whispers of Love
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“Warning! Whispers of Love” is a yaoi anthology by Puku Okuyama. The first story deals with Hajime, who is being pursued by upperclassman Eiji. It turns out that he is in love with him and really wants to clean his ears. Another story deals with a guitarist who takes a college student as a roommate. The final story deals with a person who is jealous of his boyfriend’s dog.

It’s amazing that the author didn’t try to devote an anthology to weird fetishes. It would’ve been really cool to see a story devoted to a foot fetish or a bandage kink. Ear Cleaning is odd, but it’s thankfully nothing like Golden Showers. The story dealing with a person trying to come to terms with jealous feelings towards a pet should have ramped up the humor. It’d be pretty funny to have people point out how silly it is to be jealous of a dog. Still, Honolulu yaoi fans may like this manga.

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