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Holly's manga review: 'Wagamama Kitchen'

Wagamama Kitchen
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“Wagamama Kitchen” is a yaoi anthology by Kaori Monchi. The first story is about Takashi, a high school student who is trying to find a childhood friend he fell in love with. He manages to find him when he finds out that his friend Wakana is the chemistry teacher at the school he’s attending. The second deals with a copy machine repair man named Kumaki, who is in love with a straight customer of his. Will they get together?

The second story illustrates a problem that a lot of yaoi has: namely that the assumption that bisexuality either doesn’t exist or it’s just a passing phrase in a gay person’s life. This is rather sad because a bisexual character wouldn’t erase the drama and conflict from the story. They could struggle for acceptance from both the straight and the gay community. “Wagamama Kitchen” is a decent read for Honolulu yaoi fans.

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