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Holly's manga review: 'VS Alien'

VS Aliens
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“VS Aliens” is a manga by Yu Suzuki. Kitaro is an ordinary high school student. One day, a fellow classmate named Aya talks to him, claiming that she saw her classmate Sana temporary turn into an alien. They confront Sana, which leads all three of them to go to the mountains when she finds a mysterious note left by her mother. Is Sana really an alien? And who is Kitaro in love with?

The main problem with this story is that all of the mysterious stuff happening is really just a stupid plan to get Kitaro and Aya together. It’s amazing that Kitaro didn’t get angry and told everybody else off for scaring the hell out of him. It’s a real shame because there are some really touching scenes between Kitaro and Aya that shows that they probably would have gotten together anyway. If they can hand the stupid parts, Honolulu manga readers may like it.

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