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Holly's manga review: 'Ultra Gash Inferno'

Ultra Gash Inferno
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“Ultra Gash Inferno” is an erotic grotesque manga by Suehiro Maruo. In these bizarre stories, a boy murders his parents for laughing at him, another one lives in a sewer canal and has adventures when he discovers the outside world and three teenagers who love to indulge in grotesque acts. The last story deals with the aftermath of WWII and the sordid tale of cannibalism and revenge played out against this backdrop.

This deals with some pretty gross stuff, so this book is definitely not for some readers. Still, there’s a weird undercurrent of playfulness with some of the stories, which saves it from being a completely pretentious shock manga. The final story is the best of the anthology because it has a decent plot that blends the grotesque imagery beautifully within the story. The artwork is very good. Honolulu alternative manga fans who can handle it may find it to be okay.

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