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Holly's manga review: 'The Way to Heaven'

The Way to Heaven
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“The Way to Heaven” is a yaoi manga by Yamimaru Enjin. Moriya quits boxing after a horrific match, encouraging Watase to quite the Yakuza. However, they don’t meet until they die in a traffic accident. A mysterious woman saves them from death and tells them that they can come back to life if they collect bodily fluids for her. Will they succeed in their goal and what will they discover about each other?

The main problem with this manga is that the author is so determined to make it unique that it overwhelms the story and drags it down. It’s quite a shame, as the characters’ back stories are pretty interesting. It would also have been useful if the reader found out why the aliens need the bodily fluids in the first place. The artwork is pretty good and there are no problematic rape scenes. Honolulu yaoi fans should decide for themselves if they want to read it or not.

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