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Holly's manga review: 'The Sky Over My Spectacles'

The Sky Over My Spectacles
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“The Sky Over My Spectacles” is a yaoi anthology by Mio Tennohji. The title story deals with Azuma, a womanizer who likes girls with glasses and Sorachi, Azuma’s shy male classmate, who wears them. There’s no chance that Azuma could possibly fall in love with Sorachi, or is there? ‘Let’s Meet at 1PM’ is about a private investigator who falls in love with his assistant. ‘Let’s Fall in Love’ deals with the problem of falling in love with a causal sex partner.

It’s a decent manga with good artwork, but there’s nothing that really stands out, which tends to be a problem with many yaoi manga. ‘Let’s Fall in Love’ has a pretty good concept that would make for a great one shot volume ruminating on the nature of love turning up in unexpected places. At least there are no problematic aspects. This is a decent manga for Honolulu yaoi fans.

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