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Holly's manga review: 'In The End'

In The End
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“In The End” is a manga by Pink Psycho. Kaito Niikura is a young man angry at the world. He has a bad relationship with his family and wants to disappear. Things get complicated when one of his teachers, Ren Adno, falls in love with him. However, the school is understandably not happy about this. It also doesn’t help that Kaito’s family and Ren’s wife are trying to interfere with their relationship. How will it all play out?

The main problem with this story is that Kaito’s flaws overshadow the horrible things that he goes through. As a result, the reader may be torn between wanting to help him and telling him off for his selfishness. It would have been a much more effective tragedy if the story was about loving somebody who doesn’t want to be saved. Honolulu yaoi fans should think about how much angst they can handle before checking it out.

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