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Holly's manga review: 'Sugar Milk'

Sugar Milk
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“Sugar Milk” is a yaoi manga by Jaryu Dokuro. ‘Fifthteen’is about a man falling in love with a basketball player. ‘The Lingering Scent of a Rainbow’ is about a school teacher who falls in love with a troubled student. The latter is cutting classes because he feels that he’s not being challenged academically. Can he help him with his problem? A trio of stories: ‘Milk’, ‘Sugar’ and ‘New Year’s Eve’ focus on Taichi and Sho, two friends.

It’s a neat idea to alternate between the stand alone stories and Taichi and Sho’s trilogy. That way, the reader’s interest is maintained with a good variety of stories. The story about the teacher and the gifted student might have worked better if the latter was troubled because he was being bullied by the other students rather than just because he’s bored. It would make the student a lot more sympathetic. It’s a decent anthology for Honolulu yaoi fans.

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