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Holly's manga review: 'SOS'



“SOS” is a shojo manga anthology by Hinako Ashihara. The title story is about a high school dating agency whose members are unlucky in love. They’ll have to deal with a violent client and a female stalker who has to deal without the object of her obsession. ‘That Sweet Organ Song’ is a bittersweet story of a lost love that takes place during the 1922 Kobe earthquake and what can survive after death. ‘The Good Life’ deals with a girl who feels like her boyfriend treats her like a mom.

This is a solid anthology with very good artwork. The most memorable story is ‘That Sweet Organ Song’, which shows the author’s skill in writing melodrama with a moving hopeful ending. ‘SOS’ would actually make for a pretty good manga series, since the concept is broad enough for a wide variety of stories. Honolulu shojo fans will enjoy this anthology.

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