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Holly's manga review: 'Sorako'

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“Sorako” is a slice of life manga by Takayuki Fujimura. Sorako is an ordinary girl trying to live her life as best as she can. She and her friends deal with interesting situations like a missing pet, seeing a concert that inspires one of them to play a guitar and the tediousness of finding a good paying job. There’s also an interesting take on an old riddle.

The main problem with Sorako is that the author doesn’t really get the hang of writing an interesting slice of life story. It probably would have worked better if she had used the slice of life framework as a vehicle for exploring philosophical questions or deep moral issues. The artwork is pretty good, giving the manga a nice quirky feel. Hopefully, the writer will improve in the future. Honolulu manga fans should just borrow this one from the library or get it from a used bookstore.

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