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Holly's manga review: 'Sickness unto Death'

Sickness unto Death
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“Sickness unto Death” is a psychological drama by Hikari Asada. Emiru used to be a happy go lucky girl, but a horrific trauma has transformed her both physically and mentally. A young psychology student named Futaba is assigned to her case. Things get complicated when they fall in love with each other. Futaba finds out who Emiru truly is and must make a choice if he wants to save her.

This is a very good story that has an interesting twist that will get readers talking about the nature of sentience and artificial personalities. The only glaring flaw in this otherwise perfect tale is that Futaba is violating medical ethics by sleeping with his patient. Although to be fair, the relationship is fully consensual. The artwork is pretty good and the ending is satisfying and heartwarming in a plausible way. Honolulu manga fans should read this manga as soon as they can.

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