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Holly's manga review: 'Pink'

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“Pink” is a josei manga by Kyoko Okazaki. Yumi is a young woman who works as an office lady during the day. But at night, she works as a prostitute in order to feed her pet crocodile. Haru is an aspiring writer who just so happens to have Yumi’s step-mom as a sugar mommy. Haru and Yumi soon meet. What sort of crazy things will happen to them? And will Yumi’s step-mom be able to successfully get rid of Yumi’s pet croc?

This is a nicely quirky josei manga with great art, although the ending relies on a stupid melodramatic cliché. The chapter focusing on Yumi’s pet croc during its last days is kind of interesting and it would have been pretty amusing to see what he thinks of the characters. It’s also pretty nice to see Yumi getting along really well with her step-sister. Honolulu josei fans should give “Pink” a look.

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