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Holly's manga review: 'Open the Door to Your Heart'

Manga Review


“Open the Door to Your Heart” is a yaoi manga by Yugi Yamada. Honda Shoichi is a tax accountant whose life gets more complicated when his adopted brother, Shunji, comes back after ten years. Shoichi isn’t sure if he’s willing to become Shunji’s lover, but Shunji isn’t going to take no for an answer. There’s also a stand-alone story about a domestic child helper who is a go between for two people.

The manga is okay, with pretty good artwork. The main problem is that some readers are going to be pretty uncomfortable with the idea of two cousins falling in love with each other. Although it could have been a lot worse if Shoichi and Shunji were actually brothers. Shoichi does angst about it, but its ambiguous wherever he considers the incest angle or not. Still, the yaoi isn’t too bad. Honolulu yaoi fans may find this to be a decent read.

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